What interface does the barcode scanner have?
Sep 21 , 2022

The barcode scanner usually uses a cable to connect the barcoder and the host computer equipment for data communication. According to the different communication protocols, it can generally be divided into USB, serial port, keyboard port and other types of interface forms.

1. USB interface

The USB interface is the most widely used interface for barcode scanners, and can usually be applied to mainstream operating systems on the market, including Windows systems, MAC OS, Linux, Unix, Android, etc. Using this USB interface can usually support the following three different protocols of communication:


That is, the USB keyboard port, similar to the way of using a USB keyboard, is the most commonly used communication method. It is plug and play, does not need to install drivers, and does not support command trigger control. Usually use text, WORD and other text output tools to test.


That is, the USB virtual serial port (Virtual Serial Port). When using this communication interface, it is usually necessary to install a virtual serial port driver. Although a physical USB interface is used, it simulates serial communication and can support command trigger control.


Also known as HID-POS, it is a high-speed USB transmission protocol that does not require driver installation. When using it, it is usually necessary to develop matching receiving software for data interaction, which can support instruction-triggered control.

2. Serial interface

Serial interface, also known as serial communication or serial communication interface (usually referred to as COM interface), is usually widely used in industrial fields. It has the characteristics of long transmission distance, stable and reliable communication, and does not depend on complex systems. It has various interface methods. Diverse, such as Dupont wire, 1.25 terminal wire, 2.0 terminal wire, 2.54 terminal wire, etc.

At present, the TTL level signal and RS232 signal output are usually used on the scanner. The physical interface is usually a 9-pin serial port (DB9). When using the serial port, you need to pay attention to the communication protocol (port number, parity bit, data bit, stop bit, etc.).

RS232 interface:

RS232 interface, also known as COM port, is a standard serial port, which can usually be directly connected to computer equipment. The serial port tool is required for normal output, such as serial port debugging assistant, super terminal and other tools. No driver installation is required. Command triggering is supported.

3. Keyboard port interface

The keyboard port interface is also called PS/2 interface, KBW (Keyboard Wedge) interface, which is a 6-pin circular interface. It was an interface method used by early keyboards. One connector is connected to the barcode reader, one is connected to the computer keyboard and the other is connected to the host computer of the computer. Text output is usually used on a computer, plug and play.

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